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Apple will launch products with augmented reality in 2017

2017 could be the first Apple product released based on augmented reality, the cars can benefit enormously from it.

Tim Cook a few months all across promotes augmented reality wherever he goes, and confirm a reputed analyst, the first product with this technology could be launched in 2017. Surprisingly, Apple could launch a product for cars that could benefit augmented reality, that although everyone is waiting just iPhone.

Of course the analyst does not say and what kind of software or hardware Apple could benefit from augmented reality, so we do not know what we will get. Despite this, Apple has patents that describe the possible implementation of this technology in a variety of gadgets, from mobile phones to cars.

Based on what we know from Tim Cook, Apple invests heavily in augmented reality and relies on artificial intelligence to develop products based on this technology. Many engineers working on systems based on augmented reality within Apple, and all will be released, you can be sure it will be an extremely exciting.

Apple will launch products with augmented reality in 2017

According to the analyst, Apple could get a technological edge up to 5 years ahead of competitors with products based on augmented reality, which is understandable. Moreover, the US company could enter new areas of business with this technology, the automotive information being revealed in today.


The truth is that we are using augmented reality Apple could radically improve the experience of using the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or even Mac computers. In cars most likely talk about integration in CarPlay, or possibly HUD to project images onto the windscreen while the car travels, they can be taken from an iPhone.

No matter what Apple has in plan with augmented reality it is very clear that the importance given lately these technologies will have a visible result in a minimum of 1 year.

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iOS 9 Cydia Tweaks TouchID iPhone 6S

TouchID on iPhone 5s is equal to Siri on iPhone 4s regarding the most-popular characteristic covered by technology sites like us. The fingerprint security system is, as Walt Mossberg set it, among the very first & most successful huge, consumer-oriented implementations of biometric security.

By The Way, thats about all that it can perform for now.

1. AppLocker

AppLocker is really a pretty old tweak that has been upgraded lately to support TouchID-empowered password system. To people who arent comfortable with it, AppLocker locks your programs (shields them). You cant open the programs until you put in the passcode. With all the recent upgrade, it is possible to make use of a documented fingerprint rather than entering the passcode.

AppLockers functionality extends to the Settings page also it kicks in using the authentication condition when you attempt deleting programs.

AppLocker is on the ModMyi repo for $0.99 and is the most economical of all accessible TouchID program lockers.

2. BioProtect

BioProtect is the primary iPhone 5s-special TouchID Cydia tweak to deal with program security. BioProtect totally relies on TouchID when you open programs. The first start had some overheating issue that has been caused, apparently, as a result of an incessant cartoon. I believe the problem was fixed with all the upgrade. BioProtect is great but you should check out BioLockDown overly before jumping for this one.

BioProtect costs $2.99 and is accessible on BigBoss.

3. BioLockDown

BioLockDown is Ryans variation of BioProtect with more characteristics as well as a more affordable cost. BioLockDown functions quite similarly to the latter. Interestingly, it’s not only programs that you can lockdown. It is also possible to control / shield the Control Center toggles as well as the different elements of the Settings program with BioLockDown. Thats one component which this tweak reaches a lot more than other tweaks up to now.

4. Touchy

Should you take away the security feature out of TouchID and believe outside the domain of passwords and protection, the fingerprint detector could be used to do other things. Among the best executions is Touchy which maps fingerprints to programs. Thus, when you simply put your finger in the detector, it opens a pre-chosen program. Kind of cool, correct?

Touch is yet to start (on BigBoss repo with the intro cost of $1.99).

5. Virtual House

Virtual House is a house button emulator. Rather than pressing the house button, you simply put your finger to the house button and following a short pause, your iPhone 5s reacts as if youve pressed the house button. Therefore, it kind of understands whether you happen to be making use of your fingerprint to authenticate or to mimic pressing the house button. It may be somewhat tricky to get it functioning right.

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Tweaking Notification Center

Considering the fact that most of your iPhone operating time is centered on notifications and the delivery option is having a high impact on your iOS experience, we decided that it’s about time to write an article that will address this matter.

You could say that apps run great in full screen mode, but sometimes you wish to know what notifications appear while you’re gaming. If this is the case, a new tweak called StatusTab has been made available that will allow you to swipe where the clock should be if you had the notification bar present and will allow you a quick peek at your notifications. Swiping anywhere else will make the notification bar disappear. You can download StatusTab for free in Cydia, the BigBoss repo.

TorchNC is the kind of tweak that will place a shortcut in your Notification Center that will grant you instant acces to your iOS device camera flash. You will be able to turn the flash on and off according to your own will.



InstaSnap is a tweak that adds a shortcut in the Notification Center that allows you to access the phone’s camera from within Instagram. This works perfectly with both iPhone and iPod Touch.


Another simple jailbreak tweak that adds extreme functionality is Fade. Its function is to force dim on Home Screen elements when you access the Notification Center. When you slide the Notification Center back up, the effect is reversed.

For the iPad users that wish to enhance the accessibility of their devices, a new tweak has been made available that allows users to adjust the length of their Notification Center in both portrait and Landscape Mode.

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Cydia user guide

A vast majority of users are familiar with Cydia, but the source of information regarding the features of Cydia, are lacking to say the least.

For most of the users, these features and procedures should be quite simple and should not pose any problems, for the rest of the users that are unfamiliar with this third party app platform, they should know that basically, Cydia is easy to use and manage. The same users should be aware of the requirements to run Cydia, and these are actually a couple: to have an iDevice, and secondly to perform the jailbreak procedure on it.

If your Apple device is already jailbroken then you should proceed with the installation of Cydia. Bear in mind that Cydia is an app, and as such, it can be accessed from Springboard. A very important thing to do is always check for a Cydia update, even thought is a fresh installation. The easiest way to upgrade Cydia is to make good use of the pop up notifications that appear when running Cydia. The most important upgrades are the Essential Cydia upgrades that have the role of improving the way that Cydia runs and manages applications.

Remember: you don’t have to be a genius to upgrade Cydia. You simply need to tap the pop up concerning Upgrade Essentials and to tap again on confirm in order to begin to download the installer and proceed with the installation. After the installation of your new Cydia components is complete, you are advised to restart Cydia in order for your upgraded components to enter use immediately.

cydia main

As a user, your main concern must certainly be the performance of your device and how the apps are behaving. In order to achieve that, your device must be running properly and bug free. Keep in mind to check the apps you are downloading for updates. Some of these updates might fix some crashes, other updates might improve your Apple device functionality. The point is to make sure that your apps are up to date. In order to do that you can see just how many of your apps are currently pending an update based on your confirmation. To see the number of your apps you simply need to observe the number next to the changes menu. The easiest way is to tap the changes menu, then tap Upgrade All, confirm your selection and observe the downloading process followed by the installation. After all of this is complete, notice that the number next to the changes menu has disappeared.

The next point in our guide concerns installing an app using Cydia and that is achieved simply by entering Cydia, navigating to Sections, choose the section that you consider the desired app to fit in and start looking for it. After you find it, touch the name and press Install. Next thing you know, you will see the download progress bar followed by the preparing to complete status. After all is done, you just need to tap Close Window.

The reverse procedure is even simpler: in Cydia, press Manage, find the app you wish to remove from your Apple device, tap on it and from the next list, and choose to remove. After this, all you need is to Close the Window.

cydia sections

If you are uncertain under which category to search for an app, you could always use the search function.

I wish that this guide is not to tough to follow and wish you good luck using the apps you install using this guide.

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How to optimize Cydia

One of the first reasons to jailbreak your iOS device is the fact that you can customize it according to your will and draw more benefits from our gadgets. Of course there are options, one of the best is Cydia. For now Cydia remains one of the best third party app managers there is. After already using Cydia for a while, you might notice some problems regarding the long time loading apps and showing some functions. To bypass this kind of issues all you need is the right kind of guidance so here are a few tips to enhance the Cydia experience from all points of view.

optimize cydia

The first thing on your list should be the unnecessary content that Cydia shows. You can do that from the Changes tab by limiting content in some sections. You can do that by hitting the edit button in the Sections tab and turning off some sections that you’re not interested in, and by pressing Done. For your information, the sections that create the most undesired content are themes and ringtones.

In order to speed up Cydia a good procedure would be to clear the cache. Adding wrong or corrupt sources might give you a head ache when you’ll try to remove it. You can do all that by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to /private/etc/apt/sources.list.d and delete the files with the repository present in the filename.  Open and edit cydia.list and delete the lines that have the repos url. Then save it.
  2. In /private/var/lib/apt/list delete the files with the repos name found in its filename.
  3. In /private/var/lib/apt/list/partial delete all the files that have repositories name present in the filename.
  4. Now go to /private/var/lib/cydia and open for editing metadata.plist and find the line with the repos name present and delete them. Now save the file.

 Basically this will ensure your Cydia will work smoothly on you device.

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