Month: February 2015

iPhone 6 has support for the new BiteSMS 8.0 beta 7

The biteSMS fans that have the late-model iPhone must be excited because this morning BiteSMS 8.0 beta 7 was released to the public, it has a new interface and they fixed the bugs, bringing support for iPhone 6.

It was actually out since two weeks ago but it had a few complications with the 64-bit processor, bringing limitations to older devices. Now, finally, 6 Plus users can enjoy the biteSMS app on their iOS 8.

The app doesn’t really need an introduction, if you’re not accustomed to it here’s a short description: BiteSMS is an alternative messaging app from Apple’s messaging method, that includes features like quick reply, quick response, scheduled messages, and much more.

This is a quick introduction of an earlier biteSMS 8.0 beta:

Earlier versions were quite buggy, but that is expected with the usual betas; we’re now installing the new version that was released this morning so we can study it.

biteSMS 8.0 is available in the default BigBoss repo in Cydia, if you want to try it out. In order to get the latest beta version you’ll need to add the repository to your best Cydia sources 2015.

So, iPhone 6 users, how is biteSMS working out for you?

Cheers Jeremy!