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Sales of Macs decrease along with the PC

Although for years and years Apple has managed to keep sales of Macs on the rise despite the constant decrease in sales of PCs, here in the second quarter of fiscal 2016 things have changed and sales of Macs fell along with sales of PCs, at least according to company analysis of global markets.

According to IDC, in the second quarter of fiscal 2016 were sold 62.4 million PCs worldwide, with 4.5% fewer than in the same period last year, the decrease being still less than the 7.4 % that many analysts have predicted before the announcement of these results.

In the case of Apple talking about 4.4 million Macs sold in Q2 2016, the Cupertino relegating it to last position in the top 5 vendors PCs, ASUS finally managed to emulate them and rising to No. 4, selling only 100,000 units over the same period.

Sales of Macs decreased by 8.3% compared to the same period last year, so a drop almost twice the average for the global market, so people expect new models of Macs to make acquisitions, which is quite easy understandable, given all the recent rumors.

Also ASUS saw growth recover in 2Q16, benefitting from easier year year-on-year comparison. The vendor pulled just ahead of Apple for the number four spot in overall PC shipments. Apple continues to face increasingly competitive market year as it awaits a refresh of itsĀ  PC lineup. As a result, shipments experienced a decline from last year.


Regarding the top of the list, Lenovo managed to sell 13.2 million PCs worldwide, nearly 3 times more than Apple, HP was close behind them with 12.9 million units, Dell placing it ranked 3rd with 9.9 million units sold worldwide.

The folks at Apple seem to have trouble convincing people to buy Macs at this time and maybe this is normal, since many expected to see updates to the line of Macs, but in reality did not receive nothing.

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