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Apple will launch products with augmented reality in 2017

2017 could be the first Apple product released based on augmented reality, the cars can benefit enormously from it.

Tim Cook a few months all across promotes augmented reality wherever he goes, and confirm a reputed analyst, the first product with this technology could be launched in 2017. Surprisingly, Apple could launch a product for cars that could benefit augmented reality, that although everyone is waiting just iPhone.

Of course the analyst does not say and what kind of software or hardware Apple could benefit from augmented reality, so we do not know what we will get. Despite this, Apple has patents that describe the possible implementation of this technology in a variety of gadgets, from mobile phones to cars.

Based on what we know from Tim Cook, Apple invests heavily in augmented reality and relies on artificial intelligence to develop products based on this technology. Many engineers working on systems based on augmented reality within Apple, and all will be released, you can be sure it will be an extremely exciting.

Apple will launch products with augmented reality in 2017

According to the analyst, Apple could get a technological edge up to 5 years ahead of competitors with products based on augmented reality, which is understandable. Moreover, the US company could enter new areas of business with this technology, the automotive information being revealed in today.


The truth is that we are using augmented reality Apple could radically improve the experience of using the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or even Mac computers. In cars most likely talk about integration in CarPlay, or possibly HUD to project images onto the windscreen while the car travels, they can be taken from an iPhone.

No matter what Apple has in plan with augmented reality it is very clear that the importance given lately these technologies will have a visible result in a minimum of 1 year.

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