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OpenCellular – Facebook has launched a mobile telecommunication system

During the night last company Facebook announced a mobile telecommunications system called OpenCellular it serving to substantially reduce the costs of placing the mobile phone networks in areas where their creation would require massive investment by mobile operators.


According to the Facebook, OpenCellular is thought to provide guidance on creating a system of mobile telecommunications on both the hardware and the software side, the project helping any company to put into operation a mobile network almost anywhere on the planet.

Earlier this year Facebook announced the launch of the project company Telecom Infra Project, are intended to develop new technologies for the implementation of mobile networks that support data-intensive but have low costs for creation and maintenance.

The folks at Facebook say that many mobile operators refuse to expand infrastructure due to high costs they impose on such projects OpenCellular will solve this problem for substantial cost reduction during the development of infrastructure at low cost.

TIP Will explore new approaches and technologies across three initial focus Areas: access, backhaul, and core and management. The project groups within these areas will leverage the unique engineering and operational expertise of each member. They will focus on developing new technologies and approaches to exploring new deploying in both developed and emerging markets.

OpenCellular is able to provide support for a variety of standards GSM from 2G to LTE, and although implementation support for technologies such as Call Wi-Fi or VoLTE is very expensive, those from Facebook provides cheap solutions for providing this support customer.

OpenCellular is an open source system that Facebook offers to free of charge for any mobile operator interested in having him to expand infrastructure in areas not currently covered by GSM adequate, but it remains to be seen how many people will take advantage of it.

So far those from Facebook tested OpenCellular only in the headquarters in Silicon Valley, but the tests were successful, they will launch a first version of the system this summer, and then we will likely see that operators will be interested the project is using the US company.

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